"Familiar Faces".

Well, quite. They don’t know me actually though, of course.

I was at gym on Friday afternoon, and was pleased to see not much crowd around, and I saw this person in sight. On double confirmation upon looking again, I confirmed that he was the guy from the mocca.com commercial. Yes, that guy. The guy who, in the advertisement, was promoting to see a house and wanted the viewers to “look at his matching pipes” in the bathroom. Kinky indeed. I wondered does he get that a lot from strangers – the looks and stares and the “Eeh, Mocca guy!”.

Next, while waiting at home on a Saturday, I was flipping through a past issue of GQ magazine, where there are a lot of advertisements from fashion brands in them. I noticed this for a while; I noticed it again, that Mark Ronson was in the DKNY campaign. And I noticed someone else in the Izod advertisement – Tyler or James from The Amazing Race 10. Up till now, I can’t tell which is which, and I still will have no clue.

Now that’s a small world, in a big kinda way.


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