Countdown: 58.

The days now pass by fucking cheebye slowly, like really. It seems like the timeman uses the stopwatch to tell the time instead, making the seconds bypass seem more obvious and the time to drag longer. It appears that I have been walking; stuck inside a long dark tunnel all these while; 2 years, and at the end of it, a beaming light has finally surfaced within view but no matter how fast I pace myself, I still can’t get to it – yet. With the current way things are going around, it ain’t gonna help much either. All I can do is wait patiently, but haven’t one done too much of waiting in one’s lifetime already?

I have to agree with them – it’s the struggling stage. With the end approaching and all, it is time to get back into the society, what the other people in the world have been moving ahead with. Job hunting will be my priority, but surely one has gotta worry about how much advanced the world has gone into and how much backtrack has happened in me. It worries what is expected of me; of what fierce dog-eats-dog competition there is out there.

Nonetheless, there’s still the last stretch of the time to hate there, and the more desire to do what Camera Obscura sings about:
“Let’s get out of this country.”


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