Remembering: VJs.

I remembered a geeky time (still have, but lesser) when I would sit in front of the television, with the then SCV channels available, and having MTV Asia switched on. I thought it was the coolest thing ever, and I watched most of the shows about, even those I didn’t really much like. Back then, everything was music and nothing like the crap we see today like The Hills, which is like teenage fuckery. I remembered watching Jams; I remembered laughing at Classics; I remembered liking Non-Stop Hits, and there were the better VJs around back then. It is not that they are worse these days, but they seem a little too obsessed with looking presentable and good in every way. It was just that back then, they were more of an entertaining bunch who won’t mind embarrassing themselves for the art of music and music videos, and that is what is amiss these days.

Belinda Panelo


K.C. Montero
K.C. Montero


Donita Rose
Donita Rose

They should be doing well still, so nonetheless all the best (if they see this anyway).


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