They are supposed to be simple train journeys to the designated destination, yet sometimes they can mean so much more. Take for instance, some of my recent ones.

Today, I stood at the side of the non-opening door to lean against to, though I no longer like to do that as the clear sweat stains turn me off, but today it was different, there was an advertisement covering it. Came Sembawang, and a flood of people boarded. Of which was a man I believed to be in his thirties, wearing normal business attire and carrying a backpack. Taking no notice at first, I continued to look outside at the passing sceneries outside and listened to my iPod, until he started talking on the earpiece of his handphone, at a volume louder than normal. Though he had an okay (maybe in some ways presentable) voice, he was clearly talking too loud and all about business. I wondered how the person on the other end of the line was reacting: was he punching his fists into a punching bag? Was he playing with voodoo dolls? How did I even conclude that the person was a ‘he’, because he talked about something like ‘console’ and nothing that a woman fancies? I secretly had wanted the train to come to an abrupt stop and I would visualize and felt pleasure from seeing him choking on his mouthpiece. It would have been a loving sight. Maybe the world would spin better and the sun would be twice brighter. That’s a reason why I never really like to pick up calls while riding on the subway.

Elsewhere, an old man fought for a seat with a couple when two seats were freed up. Eventually, the old man got it and it was an awkward situation to me; the man who couldn’t get it was standing around while the old man looked around, feigning ignorance. Also, a kind lady offered her seat to an old man who refused, whom in turn took the advantage and began to talk to her and the people around, when I thought, it was clearly written all over their faces that all they wanted was a quiet journey to work. And, I suspected, the man dressed a little like a pastor, which made it the more coy.

Whoever will I meet tomorrow and beyond? Time tells.


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