Singles Review: #4.

It’s raining; I’m calmer; doesn’t make less bitchier.

Cover, Song & Artiste Review & Rating

Closer by Ne-Yo

Said in an MTV Asia interview that he was bored of how some singers are having the same style over and over again. But in the video, he was seen with women displaying suggestive poses, and isn’t it like all Hip-Hop videos? How original.

When I Grow Up by The Pussycat Dolls

Probably the current hot favourite song to be played in clubs at the moment. But as many know, a good song to dance to doesn’t mean it’s a good song to listen to. This is a perfect example of how catchy beats triumph over a group’s talk… I mean, singing.

(Album Cover)

Single by New Kids On The Block featuring Ne-Yo

Passing on one song doesn’t qualify for another, Ne-Yo. Midway through the song, I was trying to figure out who is singing, and couldn’t quite figure it out. Sum-up: It’s five uncles trying to act hip and Hip-Hop by trying to get Ne-Yo, but failing miserably. Maybe they should get back to their day jobs, yeah? Like getting married and stop being horny?

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