Smashed History.

U & I got along well during our then G-Star days; you have a cheerful, chirpy personality, and just give out positive and happy vibes to the people around.

What happened? Why had we stop meeting up? It seemed like it was just natural. For one reason, there was army; another was that when we met up the previous few times, it was just the two of us, and that had always been an issue with me – I can never fake it up as much with one person as per with a group.

I still see you around, virtually, of course. In fact, you just pop up on MSN right about now. Should I chat you up right now, there will be a) a sense of awkwardness after sucha long time of no contact; b) a delay in the time of my sleep, which had already been pushed back.

This entry got started up when I was springcleaning; I accidentally broke a glass bottle filled with some breakfast cereal (Kellogg’s Froot Loops, I checked) that you had given me. The contents spilled over the floor, and I got a staring incident by my disapproving mother.

It could be the end.


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