Special Needs.

It’s not that I’m being all nasty about it, but really – define “special needs”. Every individual has different needs, so using that term seems a little funny and inaccurate. So does this qualify too:

1. “I am a 23-year-old butch who is in love with this pretty girl in my class. What should I do to get her?”

2. “I have a secret fetish of smelling my own sweat, and I’m addicted to it.”

3. “Sometimes I feel like just leaving all this behind and running away.”

4. “I wish I can grow up, fast.”

5. “That fucking auntie dared steal my seat right in front of me! Fucking bitch.”

6. “How I wish I can rob her Gucci bag to be mine.”

7. *smack* *smack* “I love you so much that I must show everyone.”

8. “Nothing to do, nothing to do. Okay, look at each stranger for five seconds, then pretend to look busy or at the scenery. Oh shit, I am crazy, I think I am talking to myself in my head.”

9. “I like cockroaches. Actually there’s a few in my bag now. Sheesh, no one must know.”

10. “I wear Superman underwears to work. Yay!”


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