When Was The Last Time You Do A Good Deed?

This is not a writer’s block question prompted by WordPress, or any other way. Instead, it is a question that has been stuck in my thought for a while now.

Indeed, when was the last time I did a good deed? Now, I couldn’t really recall – is that a bad thing? Is it a sign that I have not been doing much these days? Is it that I am just purely evil? Is it healthy that my mind seems to be having such conflicting and pressurizing thoughts?

Actually answering the question, I couldn’t figure out which day it was or which came first – but I definitely had given my seat on the subway ahead of my station of destination to someone who needed it more than I did, but of course there were tired days when I didn’t bother as well; I had shifted myself to allow two people to be able to sit together side-by-side, but that might be due to the embarrassment if they were to choose to have sat on either side of myself; I had directed people in the rightful way before too, if I was, in a miracle way, awared of the way myself; I had tried to take most of the pamphlets and flyers shoved in my walking direction with a smile and a thank you; I had tried to clear the table in a as neat way as possible for the cleaners to clear them without having to reorganize them for convenience sake.

Of course, that sounds nice because I want it to sound that way. I have (most) days when I walked down the streets, passing crowds and throwing thousands of daggers outta my eyes. It is something I can’t help with living in the city society. I had, today, too, not picked up a litter while on the journey home at primetime even though I wanted to but didn’t wanna to make it seemed like I was acting nice outside and thinking that I might not have done it if I was at home, and whether I was all that image conscious at all.

Maybe it’s high time I get back to doing one, subconsciously. And without posting anything about it here.


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