This Is About Thursday.

This has gotta be precise. I have to do this at exactly, Thursday, 0000 hours.

Call me lame, this entry is dedicated to Thursdays, because of the simple fact that I have not been posting on this particular day of the week for a while now. The last entry posted is on June 19, which is about three months ago now. In the past, it is because I was in ‘it’, so posting on a weekday was very impossible. But now that I am almost out, posting on Thursdays is possible, so there are not much excuses for not posting, other than the fact that I usually will have written out most of my thoughts at the start of the week and creative writing juices (are there such things?) will have ran out by then.

So Thursdays, this is for you. This is an entry especially written, though meaninglessly, for you. This may even be seen as an entry to increasingly increase the number of posts on this journal. Well, who cares. Now, I can get on with my real life, go to shower and try to have an early night tonight as I have a long day tomorrow.


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