(Real) Stories Of Riches.


A young Chinese girl, still in her teen years, studying temporary here, had decided on several items amounting to half of a thousand dollars. (School name), she said. At the counter, she drew out her Louis Vuitton wallet from her Louis Vuitton bag, and casually left a card on the desk to make payment.

Remembering that her brother had tried on something, she asked for the merchandise, and after a quick glance – not look – casually left it on the desk, and said “I’ll have it as well”. Her younger brother, out of the shop and awaiting patiently outside, saw what went on and said an excited “Yes!” from outside and got what he tried but might not actually be what he wanted, or liked.

That was a thousand dollars altogether there.


On a suspected honeymoon trip here, a couple, on their last day of it all, wanted to spend it all off – the rest of their holiday money. They entered the shop at the early part of the day, and chose between jackets – said they would be back later on. With their backpacks, they made their exits.

At the later part of the night, they came back, got almost all of the items, and made their way back home, sweet home, jackets tucked within reach of them possibly as they boarded the flight.

Making Singapore your honeymoon trip gotta be an expensive one.


They spoke in loud voices; behaviours were slightly rough and rugged. They asked, but everything had to be precise. They requested for things that the father, did not even bothered to try. One had the inner child displayed outside of her; one had hair that were messy and seemingly said to be unwashed. They were making it like a fish market.

They shocked, wanted two of them tried. The lady with the messy hair placed her bag on the counter, and drew out stacks of fifty dollar notes, probably two to three in her bag. One whole stack and a few more were made to pay the merchandise, and they left noisily again.

Never to judge books by their covers.


They seemed rich; perhaps regular customers about. After trying, the father of the group settled on a merchandise, and was looking at belts when the wife exclaimed in a loud, showoff manner: “(slang), buy them from LV. LV better!” Making payment, he drew out a thousand dollars note, and snobbishly exclaimed that “I have no change”, sounding as though it was anyone else’s fault that he had no change.

“Such snobbish behavior. One day, they will get karma biting their ass, hopefully.”


Buying four items, he seemed like an ex-convict or a gangster of some district: tattoos everywhere on his body, the typical very skinny man. He took out all his notes, which were not in a wallet, from his pocket, and had two one thousand dollars notes and still, a variety of others.

Another was a tourist, just browsing about. He was not that young anymore; he had on Ed Hardy and Hugo Boss pants clearly noticable. Leaving on the next day, he seemed to be just wanting to get a something home as a memory, perhaps? He was pretty precise with the prices, checking them out before trying them on or looking any further, and made several trips around the shop. He bought a jeans and a belt and a shirt after trying them and finding them comfortable, and came back later on in the night to get the jackets that he had initially tried on when he first wondered the store, and bought two more in the end. Even though that was a lot he spent, he was a careful shopper; precise, smart and just wanna make sure.


And that makes me wanna make sure that I participate in buying 4D. Yes, I wanna be rich, maybe.


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