Singles Review: #7 – VMA Performances.

Rating the singles on the singles itself and their VMA performances as well.

Cover, Song & Artiste Review & Rating

Disturbia by Rihanna

Funny that the picture is from last single “Take A Bow”. Beautifully planned craziness, though makes one ponder how madness can be all so beautifully planned?

Maybe Chris Brown, whom writes the song, gets crazy from all his ways of chasing this icy-cool princess. Is this her acceptance? By going mad? Maybe.

As the VMA opening performance, it had the impact: maybe drew inspiration from Michael Jackson, but still stunning enough for an otherwise ordinary night in awards.

So What by Pink

Wonderful Hollywood on-scene studio performance. Divorce never sounds so sweet, fun and kickarse than this.

Fire, explosions, pushing man down stairs, sexy outfits, Pink deliver the punches like a man.

Misery Business / That’s What You Get by Paramore

Ooh no, is it for real? Am I secret closet Paramore fan? Despite hating “CrushCrushCrush”, their second single off “Riot!”, the first and third singles please me very much, non-sexually of course.

“Misery Business” is the sweet taste of revenge, karma biting back in one’s arse. “That’s What You Get” has this very school-y feeling, and is a secret sing-along for me.

Now, don’t tell anyone. Please!

Performance was captivating; I found myself singing along like a high school geek all over again.

All Summer Long by Kid Rock

Last year summer’s got “Summer Love” by Justin Timberlake, who would have ever thought Kid Rock, of all people, would be to feel the dancing man’s shoes?

Not that I dislike this single – very fun, very summer-ish, very radio-friendly sing-along chorus, but this is Kid Rock. You should be doing rock, rock music that I don’t even get to hear about, because I don’t like rock music all the time. And if I get to hear it, you know it – your single has been too mainstream.

Not that it’s your fault anyway.

I walked about; I think I saw Lil’ Wayne making another performance appearance onstage, but still doesn’t make me stay.

Catch the Video Music Awards ’08 on MTV Asia. Now is it just me or did Britney win a little too much awards?

3 Responses to “Singles Review: #7 – VMA Performances.”
  1. akidah says:

    well, hello cj. i happened to dig paramore’s that’s what you get too!

  2. CJ says:

    Ooh no! We’re closet Paramore fans!

  3. Matt says:

    I reaaaaally love Kid Rock! Not only he is a great artist, but he also has a great life! His numerous weddings with Pamela Anderson testify it ;-)! Anyway, I love his CDs… Just check it out, I found’em on the Internet! Quite nice isn’t it?

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