Singles Review: #8.

A little spillover effect from the VMAs 2008 and a pretty long song.

Cover, Song & Artiste Review & Rating

(Album Cover)

Live Your Life by T.I. featuring Rihanna

Usually sampling a song for own song is a good idea, but not this one. T.I. has to use the now-defunct O-zone’s one hit wonder song, “Dragostea Din Tei”, also the Jocie Kok (Guo Mei Mei)’s tear-your-hair-out single, “No More Panic” (Bu Pa Bu Pa) (see – I’ve good hanyu pinyin).

Rihanna probably sees this as an opportunity to cash in, and the end product may not be as bad as imagined, but still, it is that song. That song. THAT song. My god.

Love Lockdown by Kanye West

With all the hype around him coming to Singapore for a concert and his recent arrest in Los Angeles International Airport for felony vandalism with his road manager, this single has a darkish (side) dance beat to it and a little Justin Timberlake feel, probably from “LoveStoned/I Think That She Knows”.

Now, get into rehab for more hype for your single.

I Will Possess Your Heart by Death Cab For Cutie

A wonderful build-up of guitar and drums music, if not a little long-awaiting for the vocals to start kicking in, but hey – you can’t deny a good song. Yes, it has the potential to be the best indle track for the year.


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