Passerby Moment Of A Bizarre Love Triangle.

I crossed the road. Road scenarios were happening as a construction truck wanted to make its departure and a worker was controlling traffic, mainly stopping taxis (as it was near a taxi stand) from proceeding. Up ahead, a beautiful Caucasian lady, in a nice fitting bright yet subtle blue dress with some nice threads sleeves, together with a look of sophistication, was awaiting for a taxi.

On the opposite direction, a Caucasian male was breezily walking past. He was relatively good looking, on a casual dressed down Sunday kinda way and the typical stylo-mylo. He caught sight of the woman after I did – he was blocked by the building’s pillar, thus why. I caught sight of him catching sight of the beautiful woman. And he was captivated – he looked a second time, I noticed.

And that was how it began and ended.


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