P.D.A. (Public Display Of Affection). (M18)

Is public display of affection anything good?

On my way home after a long day again, I was riding on the subway as a passenger, standing away amongst the night crowd at the last cabin, blending into and unnoticed, when a couple and a young child entered. Nothing special except that the couple was a butch and a lesbian. The young son was probably his usual self, hanging around them and talking away, but the other passengers were slightly amused; bewildered; shocked; staring when they started to show their affection publicly, seemingly without a care to anyone in the world. I noted two Malay guys who looked not once, but twice and seemingly to have gasped in their direction.

Now should lesbians, butches and gays shine away from the light, or show openly their affection for one another just like those ‘normal’ ones? In general context of Singapore, it seems pretty unlikely – as most Singaporeans are too traditional; strict to accept this new dimension in the ever changing world. But truly, they should not be discriminated – the straight couples are doing their fair bit of P.D.A. as well, from french kissing to groping one another and making their bodies stick together like glue to making ‘cutesy’ lovemaking noises on the subway. Trust me, I’ve taken much too many rides on the subway already. Sometimes I think all the girl need is a walking stick to hang on tight while the guy probably needs a huge teddy bear to hug.

But with that say, that is because I am still (considerably) single (but maybe not for long, okay). They (never ask who ‘they’ are) said that when you are in love, you probably will not give it a goddamn shit about anyone else in the world. So does that make it okay – or normal, for a normal couple to hug one another till the point of sexual climax, like as though reaching orgasm, and show the whole world “who just wants to live and doesn’t give a shit about you too, but please do it in private zone”?

All-in-all, a conclusion is drawn up in my head: moderation. Don’t have to display all the lovey-dovey “I wanna love you till the end of time, twilight zone, year 3000” affection out to the world, but some will be fine enough. Love, girl-guy, girl-girl, guy-guy, is all the same. Some uncomfortable level may be felt by the general people, but try not to display total disgust or shun away from them. Show some things, not all.

With a little bit of tolerance here and there, I believe the world will be a little nicer to live in.

On that note, I feel inspired with some themed music videos. Not for the Holy Amen types.


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