Everlasting Life (These Were Just Ghosts).

The train came to a complete stop, and the doors opened. The crowd boarded; it was a Sunday.

Slightly a little bit down, I was wondering if I would have made it if I had gone ahead with it; and will I be able to make it if I have gone ahead with it. I felt that I was not as good, and the confidence level was going downhill ever since the morning and the rushback. In a way, I was disappointed at myself for being myself.

In need for distractions, I kept a lookout for any beautiful beings, and found a relative amount. I wondered whether do they all head out at later timings; do they enjoy a little laziness on a regular Sunday.

In came a daughter, the mother and the father. A fellow with boring looks, probably in the early 40s, standing near the entrance of the train doors, was stealing glances at the wife – maybe enjoying it, or thinking that this kind of women was only worth a cheap thrill look and not one of those to-keep values, but that didn’t hurt him from having more looks on her.

A woman, late 40s to early 50s, carrying a Gucci bag that could all be possibly be fake, was observing the lady. Seemingly, she had the expression of wanting to be in the position of the lady’s shoes, with the beauty, image and all, but probably hated herself for being who she was, and was irritated that all she had on her that was noticeable was only the Gucci bag, and nothing else.

The lady/wife seemed distracted. Was it from the attention she was getting from the others? No, she was too high in the air to be bothered by such minority points of view; then it seemed like she was not fond of being seen together with her husband. Yes, it had got to be that. She didn’t want people to look at her in a different manner; was it a marriage of convenience, cause he was able to satisfy her financial cravings, including the Louis Vuitton bag she was carrying? Could she have married this man – her husband, by title, and forgo her true love, the man that could never buy her what she ever lusted, the latest It bag from the fashion industry?

He was aware that his wife was getting the attention, and he was loving it himself. He must be thinking of how envious the rest was of him; how he could be able to marry such a high maintainence wife; how he could have been so lucky in life. He could have been smiling deep inside in his heart. He tried to gain control of his wife, by holding her, touching, but somehow she was not sending the love vibe feeling to his touch and he was not that aware of it himself.

I looked at the man; he looked to be in his early 40s, but should be just in his 30s. With that set of sunglasses on on a hot and bothered Sunday afternoon, he seemed like a blind man on board the train. He tucked in his black shirt into his pants, and had a belt to secure it – in a typical business kaisu kinda way. He was not worthy of a second look; in fact, not even first. But was he from a rich family? Was he different back when he was younger? A charming lad, who braced the sea in water sports and engaged himself in endless outdoor activities in the name of passion? Who would have known? Oh yeah, maybe his wife.

Everlasting life.


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