KylieX2008, November 25.

  • CJ is tired of posting week after week, and will be taking a one week break away from this online journal-ing. In his place, his younger cousin*, named Claire Janes** (nicknamed CJ***), aged 17, will be taking over the posting duties for the week. Something you need to know about the other CJ****: she is a big, big, BIG, HUGE fan of Jonas Brothers. And ooh yeah, she is a little bit… slow.

* one will never have known that CJ keeps a close contact with relatives
** not to be mistaken with Claire Danes, though she is not half as pretty as me
*** it runs in the family!
**** cousin = the other CJ

WAZZUUP PEEEPSSSSSS. This is FUUUN! I am newsagent, Ms. Claire Janes, a.k.a. the other CJ, and I will be feeding you POSTS after POSTS this week. So it is nothing but me and good OL’ CLEAN FUUUN yeah, I mean YEEEEAHHHHH!!!!! This is AWWWESOME.

First up, on a serious tone *ahem*, I will like you all to take note on an important issue that is taken the world by storm. Yes, please focus all your bloodddy goodddamn, I MEAN, UM, your TRUE BLUE attention on this next bit of news here: JONAS BROTHERS ARE FRRREAKING FFFF-ING HOT. I mean, SERIOUSLY. I LLLLLLUVVVVV them! Just take a look at their picture:

HUHHHH? Let me try again:

Something must be SERIOUSSSLY WRRONG with Imageshack, or WordPress. Like totally, I say, the title was meant to be J (to the) O (to the) N (to the) A (to the) S, but it turned out spelling Kylie. Very FRRREaky indeed. Seriously, who still really cares about Kylie anymore man? And who really cares about her coming to Singapore for a one night only concert at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, on November 25, 2008, with tickets selling from SGD100 to SGD550, and you can book your tickets soon on Sistic? Like, yawn. Tell me when Jonas Brothers will be coming, cause I WILL BE WEARING SEETHROUGH… I mean, something DECENT to catch the boys’ atteention! Okay, now let me try again to post a picture of the THEM THEM (I am nice, I don’t swear) HOT lads (They are not boys, not yet men):

DAMN. I hate posting entries here and sure hate KYLIE. Peaccccccce out matessss.

Auto-generated message: Check out the wiredouts for more concert details and other cool outer(here)space websites.


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