Fred Perry & Music; Esser.

Told ya all. THAT CJ is a FRRREAAAK. He tells lieees; he cannot beee trustedd; he goes back on his worrdss! He is not supposed to post any entries this week at all! And there he did it! This is supposedly to be all about me and my Jonas Brothers this week, and no other fifth parties! SOOO from the other CJ to the CJ: YOU SUCCCK. JONASS BRRROTHERS CAN SUCK ME. YEEEAH.

Anyway, I was told *roll eyes* to post an entry about the next matter, but seriously, WHO CARES about that unless there’s JONASS inside, riiight? Here goes:

Fred Perry is a trendy fashion/sports brand of its own, especially its polo tee which was launched back in 1952 at Wimbledon. But in recent times, it has also been quick in sporting music talents, too. In that term, I mean the sponsorship/advertising of their brand/products used during music videos, most noticably of those of the new artistes. Below is a few mentioned/noticed:

And now, another can be added to the list, in the form of newcomer Esser, with his music video, “Headlock”:



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