The Man Behind The Beauty.

I wished it was like a case of the man, or rather, the woman, behind the successful woman, or rather, the man.

So there I was; back again, in a little sense of hopelessness and despair and utter boredom. It might otherwise turned out to be just another ordinary day, as I headed down the escalator, and it was just at the start of the day. I still found it pretty damn dumb that the escalators of a departmental store could not be used by the staff during hours of operation as it was deemed to be impolite. But – wait – what was the din that was going on down there? Was that music I was hearing before the operating hours? AND IT WAS NOT CELINE DION?!?!

Turned out a particular brand was having a little fashion show today – what luck! – and the first sight of it was the DJ located at a corner of the shop premises. Then the beauty sipped in. Several beautiful models were striding their stuff down the corridor – sorry– I mean runway; tall, fair, skinny, pretty females and very tall, well-built, handsome males. I had to withdraw the keys and turn on the computer from the counter, and partly half intentional to be upclose with the models. I was literally behind them at where the monitor was; like their backbone of support behind their successful shiny bright careers, except that I thought I heard they were being scolded, or reminded in a fierce manner, not to walk too fast. A little cheap thrill of happiness on my part; a little envious; a whole lot of “I wanna be like them” and “what a cruel world this is”.

After the rehearsal, they changed back to their own outfits – and beauty be damned– they still looked that damned gorgeous. I drooled, yes, internally I drooled, deep down inside. Especially the one with the Versace left behind at the G-Star counter. And the one which checked out the mirror and was carrying a white Louis Vuitton bag and looked like a whole lot of high maintenance. Like what the other said, “I will be your slave – anytime, anywhere.”

Ooh yes, yes, yummyliciousness.

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