Two Of A Kind: Re-Re-Dis-Band.

“It’s sad, so sad; it’s a sad, sad situation”, so sang Elton John in a 1976 classic hit. Or for the teeny-boppy crowd, the Blue/Elton John version released back in 2002. Figures are always depressing, seeing that it seemed like only not too long ago that this song was around.

Onto the topic, I read on a quick newsflash on MTV Asia just moments ago, reporting that another pop group has reunited – this time round, S Club 7, or to be more precise, 3. Jo O’Meara, who sang the most parts, Bradley and Paul are the existing members, with the remaining not “convinced to join the pop outfit”. What once was popular, cheerful, positive, full of energy, pure fun pop, is now saddened by harsh reality. It’s sometimes quite saddening what success/failure can do to one. This kinda reminded me of 5ive, which had four members rebanding back in 2006 to disband once again seven months later.

And I used to so like them. And moreover, Rachel Stevens is not there anymore. Relive:

Some memories are better left kept.


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