Weekly Bitch: We Weren’t Fugged…

Being the nice person that I am, and not wanting to be sued for defamation, I am not disclosing the person who is responsible for it all.

But alas, I have said so before, and I will say it again, that this person is uploading thus much photographs into Facebook that the person may as well start uploading really… I mean, REALLY, personal ones of… wait, maybe it is already done so or in the works. Something like a series inspired by Edison Chen’s infamous ones.

I happened to view a recent album, and below is my outbursts of lust, fascination, jealousy, cries and despair, according to sequence:
#2: “In nature, there’s this thing called birds, and droppings do occur. Watch your mouths.”
#5: “Man, I feel like a woman.”
#6-#16: “Why am I viewing this? Hmmm… Okay, click on, kapo gossipmonger.”
#17: “Hmmm… harmless.”
#18: “God, no.”
#19: *to double confirm*
#20: “Tights.”
#21 onwards, blah I can’t look any further: “I think I just saw a Chinese girl with a pair of black legs. Interracial relationships never look so goddamn disturbing.”

That said, the person does seemed to enjoy life, and yes, this is spoken with a tone of jealousy. I shall go out more.


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