Vidiscovery: Best Of 2008.

Videos come and go, but there are some that will remain – in my memory, heart. There will be a time when I am old and, a flashback of how I used to like this or that video comes revisiting into me. With the booming Internet and the now more challenged MTV (Asia), a wider variety of videos are exposed, and thus – this list of 25 videos of 2008 has been compiled. Also to suit the end-of-the-year and Christmas.


4 Minutes
Madonna featuring Justin Timberlake & Timbaland
Jonas & Francois

What I Like: The huge digital clock, ticking its seconds away, at the background of the video. A good timer to be used in any countdown parties or events.
Question: “Is it just me or does it seem that Madonna isn’t dancing as much as before?”
Aftermath: At 50, Madonna still dances better than the average teenage kid around the hood. Props.


Anthony Mandler

Question at initial: “Any link with the movie starring Shia LaBeouf?”
What I Like: The dark side.
Person to be drooling with pride: Chris Brown.
Aftermath: An otherwise interesting, dark, twisted take on an otherwise boring song.


This Boy’s In Love
The Presets
Casper Balslelv

What I Like: The beautiful dark, the beautiful models and the song/video’s possible gay takes.
Makes me feel like: Learning piano and playing it in a shallow pool.
Makes me feel like – part 2: Slimming down, cutting down on (junk) food intake.
Makes me feel like – part 3: Learning swimming.


Devendra Banhart
(guest starring Natalie Portman)
Skinny (Dori Oskowitz, Marc-Edouard Leon & David Hache)

Question at initial: “Is that who I think it is?”
What I Like: Everything about Natalie Portman, the Indian dance, the funny skit performance with Lord Rajah The Malevolent and Kali The Destroyer (whom weirdly remind me of Jennifer Lopez every time I watch it), and the subtitle “Grandma, I love you in a salad way”.


Down The Line
Jose Gonzalez
Andreas Nilsson & Mikel Cee Karlsson

What I Like: The beautifully shot sceneries and when Jose played in the hut, with image projections upon him.
Aftermath: I think I saw his penis – the lead.
Video for thought: Are we beasts to be humans?


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