Vidiscovery: Best Of 2008 – Part III.


Shut Up And Let Me Go
The Ting Tings

I Like: The constant emphasizing of how chic and current The Ting Tings are, in terms of live and performing.
Copycat?: Seemingly resemblance to The White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army”.
Conclusion: iPod and iTunes hit it right again this time round.
Watch The Diss:


Declare Independence
Michel Gondry

Video for thought: It’s nice to be weird and different all the times.
I Like: Colours, and the whole energy behind the video/song.
What comes to mind: Tibet.
What comes to mind – part 2: The swan dress.
Makes me wanna: Make my own flag, really.


Vampire Weekend
Garth Jennings

Makes me feel: Christmas-y; in motion.
Makes me wanna: Dance with my hands.
I Like: The hands part, with the fishes.
Watch this, too: (BBC Radio 1’s DJ Fearne did a cover performance)


Lights & Music
Cut Copy

I Like: How the video blends so well with the music, with its simple concepts.
Makes me think: That Australia has got the hottest exports this year.
Makes me wanna: Dance, just plain, dance.


Chasing Pavements
Mathew Cullen

I Like: The lie-on-the-floor dancings, the dancing-with-the-shadows.
Check out, too: Her current single, “Make You Feel My Love”, another perfect song to add to the music collection to be played at night. Brilliance.
OMFG!: She’s only 20, and a newcomer phenomenon.


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