It All Comes Down To Sleeping.

The following online journal entry may be deemed rude, sensitive, and inappropriate, thus self-censorship has been obtained and required, and the actual words have been left out to protect the minds of the innocent.

(adjective) (adjective; a little slight kinda cuss, nothing serious) (noun; a race) (verb) (pronoun) (noun; object) (conjunction) (verb) (adjective) (adjective) (noun) (preposition) (verb) (adjective) (adjective) (noun).

It is not that I am in a bad foul mood or whatsoever – in fact, it is pretty alright, ups-and-downs kinda Saturday – – though I must really cuss *!(#)@&#^# for making me head back to work and office and all on a Saturday – – – my weekends!!!

Maybe it is that I am a little cranky from the lack of sleep from previous day’s 4-8am timeslot. In any way, I better get to bed soon enough to rest. I am, yes, tired.


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