Best Of: 2008’s Top 30 Artistes.

Another of the year-end roundup of the best of the best, and features here is my presumed list of 2008’s artistes, not according to any ranks or orders. To play fair, a little mixture of those of the mainstream commercial and of the indie, independent, “underground” scene.

The mainstream gets a tad boring and exciting at the same time, with more breakout talents on the scene then ever, once again emphasizing on the mass availability of information. I say boring, because, the charts. especially the UK, gets a little bit stagnant, with the hugily commmercialised hits dominating the charts for weeks longer than ever.

Nonetheless, these artistes either make solid breakthrough, provide a name for themselves, or are just “absolutely – fabulous”, as sung by Pet Shop Boys. In segments of 5’s, and first up, someone’s who is keen on beggin’.

TOP 30


Addicted: “Mercy”
Hate Mail: For some, they can’t stand Duffy. Either they don’t like her singing style/talent or find her voice too annoying or, in some ways, ducky.
Show Me Love: Proves that she can sing catchy and slow songs, as proven on “Rockferry”, a mellow track about struggles with migration, dealings with the heart issues and emotions, and the vulnerability of starting somewhere new. Not forgetting “Warwick Avenue”, obviously having some personal impact on her.
Sis-say: Didn’t like her voice; find “Warwick Avenue” too fake a crying scene to be put on film.

TOP 30


Addicted: “Viva La Vida”
Right on: iTunes got it right again, using the Coldplay’s track for its commercial before it was released worldwide. It was a win-win situation; Coldplay would have gotten more sales, and so did iTunes, together with more publicity.
Show me the… results!: In US and UK alone, the single got to #1, making it a first for the band. Over the UK, they finally obtained the position after a disappointment in coming in second for single “Speed Of Sound” after a ridiculously annoying single from Crazy Frog.
Show me love: “Violent Hill” would be a more fan approach, seeing the lads remain their melodrama slow rock style. Sounds like “The Scientist” already.

TOP 30

The Presets

Addicted: “This Boy’s In Love”, “Talk Like That”
Who?: The Presets are a Sydney-based Australian dance punk duo, made up of members Julian Hamilton and Kim Moyes. Apocalypso was released in April 2008, being the second album after 2005’s release Beams.
Show me the… results: They won the ARIA (Australian Recording Industry Association) Awards for Best Dance Release and Album Of The Year. Also, #23 for a video for Vidiscovery: Best of 2008. (A little bit of self-promotion never hurts, though a little shameless.)

TOP 30

Jason Mraz

Addicted: “I’m Yours”
I’m… won over: With his laidback yet cool contemporary pop sound/vocals, Jason Mraz’s report card for music has always been constant. And it may not be a bad thing afterall, since he has managed to find his own unique sound that he can proudly credit to himself.
They’re won over, too: “I’m Yours” has been added to UK’s BBC Radio 1’s A-list playlist, making it a first for Mraz, considering that he is still pretty much an unknown over there.

TOP 30


Addicted: “Jimmy”
Wols mainstream
: Her album “Kala” was released in August 2007, and single “Paper Planes”, which had gone mainstream after appearing in a high profile film trailer and TV spot for Pineapple Express, was initially released in the early part of 2008, but only got picked up at a later part of 2008.
FYI: “Kala” topped the list of Rolling Stones’s Top 50 Albums Of 2007. Famous DJs from Diplo to Blaqstarr, as well as Timbaland, are some of the producers of the album.
Funny how…: A music channel played the video for Deepavali. But still, great choice.
Makes me feel: Life is tropical, dance it to celebrate.

Up next on the listing, one artiste that can be deemed polite; yet the other deemed rude/crude.

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  1. hurryupnbuy says:

    where’s the rest of the top 30?

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