Best Of: 2008’s Top 30 Artistes – Part II.

TOP 30

Mystery Jets

Addicted: “Two Doors Down”, “Half In Love With Elizabeth”, “Young Love” featuring Laura Marling.
Road to Twenty One: After the acclaimed debut album “Making Dens” was released in 2006, Mystery Jets finally returned with their follow-up, and blending indie with listenable fun pop seems to prove that this group of funky-hair lads can do no wrong.
FYI: They will be making their way to our shores on January 11, at Zouk. Click on the hyperlink under Links to the right for information.

TOP 30

Jens Lekman

Picture perfect: Think of oneself in a swanky rich restaurant, dining the finest dishes served by the perfect tuxedo suited waiters, with the beautiful crowd of stranger diners surrounding… And to be looking in from the outside window. Yes, Jens Lekman is that high class, and that down-to-earth.
Goddamnit!: He was in town recently for a one-night only show performance at The White Rabbit, a chapel-turned-restaurant concept. Darn it, if I had known.
Me, myself & my tempted hands: Lekman’s latest offering, “Night Falls Over Kortedala”, sits as the (last checked) only copy, probably in the entire music shops around Singapore, and I have been eying it ever since. The only obstacle that stood between myself and the CD: The expensive price tag of SGD37.50 for a CD. Stupid moneybloodsuckers.
Addicted: “Your Arms Around Me”, “I’m Leaving You Because I Don’t Love You”, and possibly everything.

TOP 30


P&C: Personally, I think Rihanna is this year’s Beyonce. I believe she’s on a secret mission to take over the world. Just when you least expect it (like real), she will, like, suddenly declare war, or world peace, or something magnifying. I am aware of her, watching her every move. Every move by her is so professional killer, and she does so in such swift and fast attacks, no one will have caught her coming.
Addicted: “Take A Bow”, the aftermath of “Umbrella”, “Disturbia”.
Just in case…: Chris Brown whacks me, looka here – I have posted her.

TOP 30

Katy Perry

Addicted: “I Kissed A Girl”, “Ur So Gay”
No Kid: I will be blind if I won’t say of the success of the song and the Perry herself. Controversy is always the key to success, and having your songs deemed inappropriate is a sure-win way to gain more publicity, curiosity for people to hear out what you are singing.
Ain’t It Funny: How media deems the song inappropriate, yet a simple trip down, say, Orchard Road, or Bugis, you will at least hear the song playing once, somewhere.
Food For Thought: Can one imagine, at the age of, say, 50, how will one visualize Katy to be still singing to her tracks? (Jump to comments for possibility)

TOP 30

Hercules And Love Affair

Addicted: “Blind”, “You Belong”
Possibly the best…: Concept CD of 2008. They have this blend of 80’s outerspace vibe around their music, and even, the vocals. Creepily beautiful, thanks to Nomi Ruiz, and Antony Hegarty, gay lead singer of Antony And The Johnsons.
Did You Know?: You can see a pin-up picture of Hercules And Love Affair in most times when you watch MTV News on MTV Asia, shown hourly at the top of the hour. Behind the VJs, to the viewer’s right of the computer monitor is the location where it is at. So, the buzz did caught through.

One Response to “Best Of: 2008’s Top 30 Artistes – Part II.”
  1. CJ says:

    Katy at age 50, may go a little something like this:

    “I kissed a girl, and we got married.
    Hope my grandmama don’t mind it.
    It felt so wrong,
    it turned out right.
    And it turned out to be a lifetime.
    I kissed a girl and we got married.
    And still use sticks.”

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