5 Music Lessons Learnt.


When one is low on funds, and is from an ex-band, yes, rejoin with ex-band friends whom fell out with.

A string of ex-boybands and, bands rejoined after going out their separate ways in the past. Is it the pressure of living, hitting low on the cash funds for retirement, or just “for the fans” (roll eyes)? The list seems endless, but here are a few: Boyzone, Take That, Spice Girls, S Club, Blur.


A mission to save the world doesn’t save one’s marriage.

At 50, she embarked on a successful single with Timberlake and Timbaland, one that took over the world with its catchy lyrics and infectious beats. But alas, this year also sees her marriage to Guy Ritchie fell apart, and a string of boyfriends from some baseball star Alex to a model named Jesus soon surfaced. It really teaches one not to be ambitious – save own problems – in this case, one’s marriage – before saving the world.


Kissing someone of own’s sex is more interesting than kissing one of others.

Lindsay Lohan locked lips with DJ Samantha Ronson, younger sister of famous producer/DJ Mark. Katy Perry sang about experimenting it. Pink’s uncensored new video “Sober” also sees her french kissing another woman. And a head down some swanky rich or filthy young parties around town – whether it is house parties or clubs – will see people of the same sex engaging in a little bit of tongue exchanging experiences, and yeah – even on subways.


The music industry is kind.

Even after a string of weird and bizarre activities and behaviour, a pop star is reborn. Britney Spears went through rehab trips, court sessions, shaving of hair, showing pubic self, hanging out with Paris Hilton (but if one ever gets a chance to, I think one shouldn’t let go – be Paris’s BFF for a day or something), with guys that are dashing but shouldn’t be with if one’s thinking of settling down – Britney’s life has been nothing but tabloid juicy. But c’mon – she’s Britney. And she’s back, and fierce and all. “Womanizer” is a proof.


Repeat oneself.

Nothing is more catchier than an artiste repeating oneself in the chorus or in the entire song. Culprits caught and severely played in repetition are: Will.I.Am’s “Heartbreaker” with Girls Aloud’s Cheryl Cole; Gabriella Cilmi’s “Sweet About Me”; Britney Spears’s “Womanizer”; Chris Brown’s “With You”; Chromeo’s “Momma’s Boy”; Kylie Minogue’s “Wow”; Hot Chip’s “Ready For The Floor” and many more.

To many years of great music ahead.


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