5 Things That Happened.

The hours of 2008 is closing up, take one last breath of the year ’08.

It is time to do a roundup of the roundups.

After a whole string of music related year-end roundups, it’s time to get a little personal – like the year before, and capture the moments that highlighted the year 2008 in my own books.


ORD lo!

Truth hurts, lies even worse:
Sadly speaking, the most exciting thing that happened to me is actually there. A place, organization I stayed (wasted) two of my youthful years with. Yes, it was a good time to escape the reality of the world, but what it took away was painfully hurtful when the two years ran dry. Indeed, there were more interactions within, and people from different walks of life conversed and to share thoughts with, and that would definitely be more than appreciated, but the horrors – the criteria, the living conditions, some of the crazy uncles inside, the fears, the weekdays wasted, the rules to follow – nothing really beats.

So, on September 9, with a mixture of sheer happiness, craziness, worry, anticipation, I left. I collected the pinkie. I ain’t looking back.


Taiwan trip

Fly (Get) me away, I’m dying:
Leaving Singapore was another highlight. Seriously, I wouldn’t deny the fact that I was getting bored of it all, still am, and may will be, and that is because I am born here. They say people never cherish the things they have – I guess this is another case of perfect example.

So it was a month of labour work, in the hot sun, with free channels to surf not like here, Stephen Chow classic movies, lots of bubble tea, instant cup noodles and just chit-a-chat. It will be filed under my memory.


Camera Obscura

If live could kill:
Frankly, anything could have been a good concert to be at, but since this was my first, not considering the past awards show attended, Camera Obscura’s concert at Esplanade for an hour affair was good enough escapism from a normal routine in worklife. Heading there after work, the crowd started kicking in till 8pm, and the concert lasted till about 10pm.

“If Looks Could Kill” would definitely be one of the highlight performances of the night, as most of the still crowd managed to groove along to and got the band poking a joke about it and to obtain similiar success as the song itself.


Nieces: Kelly moves about; Karen graduates

Girls just wanna have fun:
Initially didn’t think that they would be much of a chance to get to be in favourable contact much with Kelly, but this year turned it around, and stopped her crying with unfamiliar faces. The faces of the family had started to kick in, and she was more or less familiar with the people around her in a constant manner (for the time being). Now, as this post progresses, she has become a more or less clumsy little being, and snack loving, tantrum throwing young lady.

Karen did well, too. Her graduation ceremony from kindergarten, held at the Woodland’s Republic Polytechnic, was a stunner, and got most of our own (baised) praises, and the “screw other kids” comments from moi.


Picking up tennis

Not quite ping pong:
Though nowhere near graceful sporty performance yet, the fact is I tried. And actually, though exhaustedly, I like this sport. Admittedly, most of the times, I am just randomly whacking the ball across to the other side of the court, rules or not, proper or not, regardless. Still, getting a little physical, in terms of sporting, is never too bad.

Sister, thanks for booking the court through sudden random demands.

To 2009, though my mother had already said it may not be a good year for moi according to the fortune books, still hoping it will be nice.

That clears my draft slots.

And here’s to 2009. Welcome.


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