Mentionworthy Songs: 5 Other Unnamed.


I Lust You
Neon Neon featuring Cate LeBon

Yes, I Lust U:
With a cheap thrill of dance, catchy beats, and pure cool indie tones, Neon Neon, a collaborative project between producer Boom Bip and Gruff Rhys, known for being the lead singer of Super Furry Animals. Single got Cate LeBon on board, which strangely remind me of Ladytron, making there a point within me to have thought she was from the group. If one is to like their dance music good, this is a perfect fare. It is like a sweet dessert with a hint of darkness.


I’ll Kill Her

No, I won’t, cause this is a hit:
Soko is a French singer. Besides that being a whole good part about it all, because, being French, you probably can get away with it all – the ladies love the gentlemanly ways of the Frenchs, with my sister a proven sweptaway victim. Her brutal honesty about the jealousy for a slut who snatched her boyfriend – whom, promised her a lifetime! – and resorting to killing her, either physically or verbally (just words; no action) is so French foreign and jealousy beautiful that it makes a perfect crime look so ever sweet.


You Know Me Better
Roisin Murphy

Than I know myself, that I may like to clap:
Roisin Murphy is a big hit underground, with the indie dance/independent scene. Formerly the lead singer of Moloko, which spring hits like “Sing It Back” and “The Time Is Now”, Roisin makes a name for herself – besides her unique quirky fashion style – with her vocals and music. She is also a big hit with the gay community, which can be highlighted in “Movie Star” video, which features lots of drag queens wondering about the streets of London.

This song just makes me wanna clap. And clap. And clap.


Laura Marling

Make that sweet 18:
Yes, she is only that age. Besides having a side project with Noah And The Whale, where “it was fun, fun, fun”, and the object of attraction in Mystery Jets’s “Young Love”, she has got her own solo career to blossom. Her style of music is stripped down, acoustic, yet with lyrical intelligence to boost. Take the beginning of “Ghosts”:

He walked down a busy street
Staring solely at his feet
Clutching pictures of past lovers at his side
Stood at the table where she sat
And removed his hat
In respect of her presence
Presents her with the pictures and says
‘These are just ghosts that broke my heart before I met you.
These are just ghosts that broke my heart before I met you.

I think I am musically struck dead.


Be Mine

I’m Yours:
I love this song, however served. The dance version is catchy, my more preferred choice, cause there is a twist of naughtiness to how she accepted not being with the one she loved and yet still wanna go out and have a night of fun. The stripped down version, is more genuine, pure; almost the sorrow of her vocals oozing into one’s eardrums, of not being with the one she loved. It is really nice how a song can be heard in two different perspectives.


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