The deadline had been set upon. The agreement had been briefed between both companies, with instructions passed down the hierarchy. It was another project for me, another workload of responsibility piled upon me, but that was okay, I said, smiled to myself, knowing I would be able to handle and kickstart it in due time.

I had to start pushing, motivating my team to meet this, and decided upon tomorrow to break the news. My team, though sometimes could get a little offtrack and unfocused, had managed to meet all the deadlines set upon by top management and the various clients dealt with. They were unmoved by the amount of tough labour job involved, and worked without much complaints. Yes, tomorrow would be a good day, I thought.

Suddenly, a vehicle travelling on the next lane came dangerously close, and in an attempt to alert the driver and keep myself safe, I horned the vehicle. The vehicle, driver noticing, moved back to its lane. I drove up, gave a little cold stare at the driver, and sped off.



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