I gave a little apologetic look at the driver, but I guessed he didn’t notice it, as his truck sped by ahead into the hot afternoon roads.

“Everyone alright?” I asked, and everyone was just their usual self, with my wife telling me to focus on driving. I could hear their conversations; my kids updating on the school’s latest happenings – who’s the new students, who’s fighting to answer all the questions, who’s the big bully. I could response to it all but did not. Instead, I was drifting away, wondering why I was even driving in the initial place, and the only reason I could think of was of myself being responsible for transporting my family around. If it was my only option that mattered, I rather had not (drive), as I didn’t like it, one way or another.

But it was a matter of choice – and in this place, world – that people couldn’t decide in their lives.



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