That would have wrapped up my night, but it was not quite.

The night wrapped up, and the bar was about to be closed. The bosses stayed on to do a little bit of closing, tidying up and counting up the sales for the night, thus calculating the profits (or losses, for that matter) for the day, as I headed out of the bar, saying a quick goodbye to the personnel still behind. I was some way off when suddenly, I felt presence. At the same time, a forceful grip got a hold of me, and in the night of confusion, I could not picture what was happening at first.

Then, they all became clear. It was the three guys I had served in the bar, whom were the last few to exit from the bar, and must have lingered around until they had spotted me leave the bar. Clearly, they were drunk; and were forcefully trying to grab a hold of, to hit on me. I tried to refuse, but the forces of three were too overwhelming for me to overcome, and I became a helpless victim. I tried to scream, but one of them was clever enough to cover my mouth with his sweaty palms. All I could do was taste his sweat on my lips and watched in horror as they began kissing, touching, fingering me in any, every possible ways. I felt like breaking free, crying, running for dear life, but I couldn’t.

My eyes began to close reluctantly, and I wasn’t sure what happened, but the next thing I knew of when I opened my eyes, someone was attacking on the three guys with a wooden stick picked up from somewhere. The hold on me from the three guys began to loosen up, and it was not too long before the three guys, seeing that they were clearly being defeated by this unknown midnight stranger, taking flight off, not before scolding a war of vulgarities at this stranger. At that point, I could not have make out who it was, but his comforting “Are you alright?” rang within me, and it was all I had wanted to hear. Slowly, I regained consciousness, and it was the man. The other man from the bar, the nasty customer I had not wanted to serve at all.

I did not know why, but I reached out and hugged him and cried in arms for a while – god knew how long. In there, I had found comfort.



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