Vidiscovery: #66

Because my heart is beating like a jungle drum.

Death Cab For Cutie

Death Cab For Cutie

This Week Last Week Weeks On Video Artiste Director
1 1 Grapevine Fires Death Cab For Cutie Walter Robot
2 1 Wrong Depeche Mode Patrick Daughters
3 3 3 If I Know You The Presets Eva Husson
4 2 3 Mykonos Fleet Foxes Sean Pecknold
5 1 3 Evident Utensil Chairlift Ray Tintori
6 4 6 Her Morning Elegance Oren Lavie Oren Lavie, Yuval and Merav Nathan
7 5 3 Gravity Sara Bareilles Mathew Cullen
8 6 3 Day N Nite Kid Cudi (cameo from Travis Barker) Bertrand de Langeron (So Me)
9 1 When I Grow Up Fever Ray Martin de Thurah
10 1 Love Etc Pet Shop Boys Han Hoogerbrugge
11 12 2 Welcome To Heartbreak Kanye West featuring Kid Cudi Nabil Elderkin
12 10 6 Unsung +/- (Plus Minus) David Lobser
13 13 6 Epilepsy Is Dancing Antony And The Johnsons The Wachowski Brothers, Chris Blasingame, Banker White; AFAS
14 9 4 Black Balloon The Kills Kenneth Cappello
15 16 2 Teen Lovers The Virgins Ace Norton
16 8 6 Black River Bomb The Bass Corin Hardy
17 11 3 We Walk The Ting Tings Ben Ib
18 14 3 Tomorrow Ladytron Neil Krug
19 7 3 C’mon Sea Legs Immaculate Machine Kimberli Persley, Geoffrey Tomlin-Hood
20 2 Get On Your Boots U2 Alex Courtes
Jungle Drum – Emiliana Torrini (Price James)
Falling Down – Oasis (Wiz)
Happy Up Here – Royksopp (Reuben Sutherland)
Full Moon – The Black Ghosts (John Clegg)
Better Off As Two – Frankmusik (Tim Pope)
Last Of The English Roses – Pete Doherty


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