Music & Moods: #4 – Possibly The Greatest (Indie) Love Song, Ever?

Don’t know if it is just me, or has this song just started growing on one when listened?

Currently featured on MTV Push, a brand new segment where new artistes are, literally, given a little more push, which have been creating quite a stir in different regions of the globe and are featured to gain more worldwide exposure. To Lose My Life… is their debut offering album, which shot straight to #1 on the UK Albums Chart. The title track off the album, with its video, has been currently on heavy rotation on MTV Asia channel and, despite having heard it sometime ago on MTV Reverb back when it was still on air (Whatever happened to my merry 12midnight half-hourly?), I must admit, though I refused, that the heavy rotation has created a buzz within me, and I caught myself secretly singing the song, especially the one-line chorus of:

“Let’s grow old together,
and die at the same time”

It’s the straightforwardness in the lyrics that haunts: no cliche of love, no “I knew I loved you before I met you”, or “hello, is it me you are looking for?”, or “close to me you’re like my mother; father; sister; brother; everything”. There’s no running around the bush and hiding; just clean cut, love, live, and die together. To that, cheers.


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