What Would One Do: Same Shirt

If, walking down a street, and one sees another wearing the exact same shirt (may be the case of a limited edition, or so claimed), with or without the other party noticing, what will one do/feel/think?
(a) “Mmm. Good taste!”
(b) smile a broadest smile at the stranger.
(c) “Shit!!!”, and walk into the nearest store to purchase and wear something on the spot.
(d) scowl at the stranger, and stare inside out.
(e) “Mmm. You look a little too fat in it.”
(f) walk up and beat that bastard.
(g) walk up and chat with the stranger, since maybe there’s similiarities and possibility of friendship.
(h) take a moment to admire the beauty of the shirt, and gasp in total disbelief that you actually own one too, thus praise oneself in such sophiscation of taste.
(i) ask for a refund in the store.
(j) demand the stranger to rip off that shirt right this moment.
(k) go up ahead and kiss the stranger, since there’s connection already.
(l) walk away instantly.
(m) act busy and like one hasn’t taken noticed.
(n) start picking one’s nose and make the stranger hate to be wearing a same shirt as such a rude ass.
(o) send an open invitation for sex.
(p) do a lapdance around the stranger.
(q) stalk the stranger and find out more.
(r) head home straightaway and burn the shirt.
(s) “Anything lah.”
(t) feels like dying.
(u) jerk off.
(v) walk ahead and try one’s darnest to cover the shirt.
(w) go home and get all emo over it.
(x) start visualizing everyone naked.
(y) wish one was in somewhere else right about now.
(z) wish one was that person right about now.


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