He walked abroad.
He smiled as he leaned forward. He was whispering something now. He smiled again and went back to his original standing way. All around were the afternoon crowd of passengers; housewives returning home after grocery shoppings; children, young and cheerful, with their ever-watchful parents; students hanging on. He leaned forward again, his arms around my shoulders, and once again, whispered something to my ears that only I could hear. I could have smiled back, but I didn’t, a blank state of mind and expression written all over my face. He was close to my cheeks that he could have kissed it, in which he did. The afternoon crowd looked on in horrified terror, and were speculating.

We had been together for a while now, he & I, possibly twenty years, or more? He could have went ahead with another a long time back, eligible bachelors we were, but still we stuck close to one another. I am in my wheelchair now, still functionable, with a little bit of luck and help here, there; though I probably could count on my time left now, which is pretty much, not much. We were just in love and had times of crying on each other’s shoulders.

The crowd were still looking, possibly with contained disgust. To that, he had and always will be saying:

“To Hell with the world,
now that the world is dying anyway.”



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