I Don’t Wanna Be Your Man, Just Wanna Play (Play With You)

(Lyric from Of Montreal)


Literally speaking, that is what sums up the night. The lead singer, Kevin Barnes, scream-sings in sucha manner that can make a girl cry in pure shame. With energy arising in different manners, from the vocals of Kevin, to the guitar rips, to the piano and drum works, and believe it or not, thanks to the men in pig, Superman, tigerhead, some sorta god/devil, and so much more outfits. And also, in underwear, and whom throw bitten biscuits to the crowd like nobody’s f-ing business. Sounds crazily insane, but that’s alright, that’s the night, that’s the performance.

As always, it was a pretty scaledown performance, with the limited stage capacity and Singapore’s um, strict rules. I mean, for a man who appears onstage in,

yeah, and seriously, I can never imagine having a father like that. Luckily, censorship isn’t an issue, and the addictive tracks didn’t stop the crowd of mostly indie fans – mostly young, some old, a fair bit of foreigners, and several socialites – from having a swinging good partytime. One dude (yo, are you in army or is it just me) even sweat the hell outta lot in the outcome of pleasure and pure adrenaline lust – music, that is. The gig ended quick enough, with only an hour to boost, and the only thing that stopped me from having as much fun as Of Montreal fans was that I was not (yet) that much of a fan and not in the clear knowledge of much songs of theirs. But still, that doesn’t stop me from having a hella of a good time.

And in celebration to music, bang it with a video:


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