Vidiscovery: #68

Viewers’ discretion is advised.

The following contains video clips that may be deemed inappropriate for the viewership of some. If one is to feel uncomfortable upon watching, one is advised to discontinue and leave this site whenever necessary.

Still from Im Confused video

Still from "I'm Confused" video

This Week Last Week Weeks On Video Artiste Director
1 1 I’m Confused Handsome Furs Scott Coffey
2 1 Zero Yeah Yeah Yeahs Barney Clay
3 1 3 Grapevine Fires Death Cab For Cutie Walter Robot
4 2 3 Wrong Depeche Mode Patrick Daughters
5 14 2 Happy Up Here Royksopp Reuben Sutherland
6 5 2 Pins & Needles Project Jenny, Project Jan Emily Wilder; Reuter and Whitney Rose
7 3 5 Mykonos Fleet Foxes Sean Pecknold
8 4 5 Evident Utensil Chairlift Ray Tintori
9 16 2 Kitty Get Down The Ropes Andi Krop
10 7 5 Gravity Sara Bareilles Mathew Cullen
11 9 3 When I Grow Up Fever Ray Martin de Thurah
12 8 8 Her Morning Elegance Oren Lavie Oren Lavie, Yuval and Merav Nathan
13 10 2 Jungle Drum Emiliana Torrini Price James
14 6 5 If I Know You The Presets Eva Husson
15 1 If U Seek Amy Britney Spears Jake Nava
16 11 4 Day N Nite Kid Cudi (cameo from Travis Barker) Bertrand de Langeron (So Me)
17 1 Takin’ Back My Love Enrique Iglesias featuring Ciara Ray Kay
18 13 6 Black Balloon The Kills Kenneth Cappello
19 15 3 Love Etc Pet Shop Boys Han Hoogerbrugge
20 18 8 Epilepsy Is Dancing Antony And The Johnsons The Wachowski Brothers, Chris Blasingame, Banker White; AFAS
No You Girls – Franz Ferdinand
Signs (Armand Van Helden Remix) – Bloc Party (Hiro Murai)
Daniel – Bat For Lashes (Johan Renck)
Not Fair – Lily Allen (Melina Matsoukas)
Vulture – Patrick Wolf (Patrick Wolf)
Black Hearted Love – PJ Harvey & John Parish (Jake and Dinos Chapman)
Jai Ho (You Are My Destiny) – A.R. Rahman featuring The Pussycat Dolls (Thomas Kloss)
Stay Up! (Viagra) – 88-Keys & Kanye West (Jason Goldwatch)
Alone – Dan Black (Chic and Artistic)
A Balloon On A Broken String – The Boy Least Likely To
Every Goliath Has Its David – The Boy Least Likely To

A singing lips at the wrong placement of the vagina.


Patrick Wolf, ever flamboyant and gay, bares his butt in extreme bondage.

The beautiful love for Daniel.

The lads of TBLLT were out in the sun, having fun in the countryside, when they decided to venture into a little adventure of their own to find the missing red balloon.

I know kungfu, okay!

A playground in the dark forest at night IS creepy.

Living the Las Vegas dream… when one’s dying.

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