Music Singles’ (Video) Reviews: #23

Cover, Song, Artiste & Album Video, Review & Rating

Love Story
Taylor Swift

The male lead in the video strangely resembles Joe Jonas, one-third of the pop group Jonas Brothers whom she once dated and broke up with her with a text over the cellphone. I can’t wait for her followup video to this, probably called, “Torn Apart: You Changed My Life, Broke My Heart; I Shouldn’t Have Loved You The One I Did Like I Did But I Did, You Jerk@$$, And I Am A Nice Sweet Girl Who Doesn’t Curse So I Used The Sign. See, I Am A Good Girl”.In my mad mind. Sadly, I Wiki-ed her album listing, and there’s no such single.

Poor Taylor. Nothing beats being dissed twice over the same shit.

2-stars rating

The Show
Almost entering the Vidiscovery chart this week is Lenka, an Australian television actress turned singer-songwriter. Keeping fingers crossed that she doesn’t fall into the category of “sweet one hit wonders” that happened to several over the many years of music (see: Tiffany of “I Think We’re Alone Now” fame in 1987 and appearing back in 2002 nude for Playboy). A little musical play theme to the quirky song and video.

3-stars rating

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