6.00am: Wake up.
: Wash up.
6.15am: Slight snack of a breakfast.
6.25-6.30am: Morning jog around the neighbourhood, whereby will meet familiar faces of several young-looking students, perhaps, keeping fit aunties and fit uncles, young children with parents.
6.55am: Cool down, shower.
7.15am: Dress up for work.
7.30am: Head out for work with backpack, kiss wife.
7.30-7.40am: Walk to train station.
7.45am: Board train; stand at the non-entrance opening side of the cabin. Read book or magazine.
8.25am-8.35am: Reach office. Place backpack underneath table.
8.35-8.40am: Head to pantry for a cup of coffee.
8.50am: Start work though official working hours are at 9am.
9am: Other staff report in.
9-1pm: Of meetings, schedules, work, conversations.
1-1.05pm: Surf the Internet.
1.05-1.15pm: Take a nap on the office desk.
1.15-2.15pm: Lunch; decides to head out at this time to avoid the lunch crowd rushing down and jamming up the lifts. Usually lunch at cafeteria downstairs or the nearby convenience restaurants and chains.
2.15-5.45pm: Repetition of 9-1pm’s.
5.45-5.50pm: Clear desk; possibility of bringing work home (and sometimes, overtime)
5.50pm: Head off work.
5.50-6.05pm: Walk to train station.
6.10pm: Board the train home.
6.55-7pm: Reach home train station.
7-7.30pm: Possibility of buying groceries for home.
7-7.45pm: Reach home, kiss wife, check on children, try to strike out conversations.
7.45-8.05pm: Undress, shower.
8.05-8.30pm: Dinner with the family.
8.30-10pm: Playing/homeworking with children, talking with wife, watching the TV, reading the newspaper.
10-11pm: Watching the TV, tucking the children to bed, working on work brought home, surfing the Net, checking mails.
11-11.10pm: Wash up.
11.10-11.45pm: Read.
11.46pm: Sleep.

That is my life, Mondays to Fridays.
That is my life, in my own way, happily ever after.



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