The Noisettes’ Cover of The Killers’ ‘When You Were Young’

Live Lounge is a BBC Radio 1 programme, famous for its acoustic set, wide library of celebrity visitors and the covers they performed on other artistes’ track.

The NOISEttes, been in the music scene since 2003, and having been to Singapore for performance before, recently gained mainstream’s attention with first hit single, ‘Don’t Upset The Rhythm (Go Baby Go)’, off their second studio album Wild Young Hearts, which charted this week at #2 on the UK Singles Chart, right after Lady Gaga’s two-weeks run of ‘Poker Face’. (Blah that motherfucking pantless Gaga.) And to confess, I have had the title track, ‘Wild Young Hearts’, and love it to beats, if it has not been picked up for playing by my iTunes and iPod.

They were there on 25th March, and performed a cover of The Killers’ ‘When You Were Young’. The feedback and outcome of it all, as far as my eyes and ears could reach out to, have been nothing but positive and from good to perfect. Below, is a clip for reference:

Damn this young wild heart (lalala; tell me tell me tell me) of mine, another musical love declaration.


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