I took the subway home. It was a Friday night; it was 7pm.

If I was an hour later, I would have met the love of my life in the cafe. The love will be passive, sparkles involved and a whole lot of foreplay and danger. We would have gotten the lovesick feeling, the desperation of seeing one another every other day until the point that we just don’t wanna meet, converse in another other way at the end of the day, and it resumed as an entire cycle once again. Some point in time, committed and all, we will each drift off into our little worlds, and run the possibilities of having affairs with other partners behind the backs of one another, but still be committed with one another, just a little lesser.

If I was twenty-seven minutes earlier, I would have been involved in a terrible road hit-and-run accident, windscreen cracked and all, and it would have been a messy bloody affair. No, I won’t have died, but I would have suffered from obvious external injuries. I would have been rushed to the hospital in an ambulance, but it would not be any major issues, and I would be discharged after a short check-up. I would have spoken with the others involved in the car accident, and settled the matter in a calm and precise manner.

If I was one-and-twenty-three minutes later, I would have seen an ugly display of Singaporean behaviour on the local subway, which could have been part and parcel of everyone’s everyday life. But it would have been the most fierce of the lot seen so far, and will put off my weekend to a quieter one when I head out. Both the old lady and the young one would have been persistent, and the rest of the fillers passengers would be, as expected, for bored on-boards, like me, trying to not look but secretly staring to know the actual ongoings.

If I was ten minutes earlier, I would have missed boarding the train anyway, as it was night time peak hour and people would be rushing home for comfort and dinner and something familiar. The train would be packed to the brim, except for certain areas where the people could have swifted in but somehow didn’t (and I was just like that), and I would have been unable and not wanting to squeeze with the other of the ‘common folks’. I would have wasted the ten minutes in advance and ended up in the same train I would be in ten minutes later.

But it was 7pm; it was Friday night; it was still peak rush hour; and I was on my way home, safe and sound.



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