Music Singles’ Video Reviews: #25 (GaGa’s)

Being no shame to fame and controversies, Lady GaGa took the mainstream world of pop to storm (and extreme pantlessness in the world of fashion), with two No.1 singles under her belt, after her jobscope role of songwriter. However, to note: not everybody can sing the lyrics of GaGa; read: New Kids On The Block. I entered the dangerous world of her videography and find similarities, her video evil plans to be nude, and really, does sex sells in the entertainment industry afterall?

Cover, Song, Artiste & Director
Review & Rating

Just Dance
Lady GaGa featuring Colby O’Donis
Melina Matsoukas

Summary: A perfect house party to gatecrash, that even Akon and Space Cowboy dropped by.
LOL?: Is it just me or are the guys in the pool with GaGa seem very uninterested in making out with GaGa?
O, So Scandalous: Was her strapless bra falling off at a point which she had to push back up; the spaghetti-eating girls almost kissing; and the inflated killer whale pool scene.

3.5-stars rating

Beautiful Dirty Rich
Lady GaGa
Melina Matsoukas

Shhhh!: It’s my secret favourite Lady GaGa song.
I Like!: The parts when she swallowed the dollar note and smeared her lipstick, and when she lit another as though a cigar.
Start of Something: Pantless, the more the merry than before, and as described, “outfits shaped ending with a ‘V’ and pointing at her favourite body part, strangely beginning with the letter too”.

3-stars rating

Poker Face
Lady GaGa
Ray Kay
O, So Scandalous: Striptease poker
O, So Trendy: The glasses, whatever they are. Reminds me of the (highly possibly) rich boy’s shirt with flashing slogans.
Start of Something: Her crazy-ass hair bow, or whatever it is called. What the fuck is that?
2.5-stars rating

Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)
Lady GaGa
Joseph Kahn

Summary: After three high society videos, GaGa decides to bring it to the “streets” with her ladies, but fear not, cause her hair bow and pantlessness will triumph over the other bitches of her group! It’s a win-win situation for her!
U Remind Me: “Can’t Hold Us Down” video, by Christina Aguilera featuring Lil’ Kim.
Start of Something: One up, just bra as the top now. Can’t wait for the next (as if).

2.5-stars rating

Love Game
Lady GaGa
Joseph Kahn

Dream Comes True: Finally, nude! Seen frolicking two men with the words ‘Love’ and ‘Fame’ etched on their hair.
U Remind Me: “Wait A Minute” by Pussycat Dolls, without Timbaland and clothes, and more raunchy.
Really, GaGa: Where else can you go to next? Group orgy? Scandal reaches a limit.

2.5-stars rating

I came out of five videos, nodding in approval that it does, especially for women. Now get me my bathing suit.


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