Man! I Feel Like A Woman

And so, this afternoon I decided to head to the gym, after some very difficult man-bitch fight within the brainwaves – one had already gotten the lazy bug; another was eager to get that ass to work after no exercise this week; and the other was trying to be the reasonable and logical one of all by stating that there were errands to run and head out for afterall. And so, off I went.

Wasn’t a very efficient and productive one-hour spent (read: the most sweat got out of me was from the 20-minutes running, then again, that was what got the best out of me all the time), and there was a relative amount of crowd to begin with as well, so I ended up resting and waiting for some time to slip before slipping (away).

Several were nearby at the time: 75% (3) community centre staffs, 25% patronizer, (mature(fit(gay? was that his daddy or his sugar?))). One fellow chatter began man-bitching about another gym user, that his social network page makes it “unbearable for normal humans to read, in a case of narcissism”, the same person I saw flexing his body form to his racial buddy in the toilet in a boastful, macho-man kinda way, and was slightly paisei thereafter. To add, there is an auntie staff involved in this conversation too, and if necessary, I am eavesdropping/listening with ears wide open.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with gossiping, man-bitchin’, eavesdropping (gotta protect myself) for that matter of fact. What fascinates me is that guys do bitch and gossip as well. And that’s really what the post is all thrilling about: Man gossips, man-bitchin’. Giving a toast for it all; punch that fist and man-bitch about.


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