The Youth’s Starting To Change

There is a little sadistic happiness within me.

Hope I haunt you. Hope you haunt me*. Hope you remember the moment. Hope you remember me by heart*. Hope one day, when you’re fifteen and a secondary school ah lian at heart, kick me, abuse me, maybe kill me with a sharp broken beer bottle with bloodthirsty hands*.

(*- hopes not)

I have my reasons for scolding you. I think you were pushy and deliberate. Or maybe I have this hatry going on for all the other kids not relating in any way to me. Like heck fuck care. There is another boy on this level of flat I wanna handpeck. Or I have this thing against loud, spoilt bratty kids. This is this other kid I wanted to scold ‘bitch’ at; I actually visualize pulling all her hair out of the skull and seeing her run to her father whom I will engage in a battle of vulgarities. I think I am ready for the society. There was this other incident at my niece’s kindergarten graduation where I was behaving slightly obnoxiously (shun the full details please).

Am I being proud or selfish or typical or ugly Singaporeanly or plain blardy disturbing or insane?

One Response to “The Youth’s Starting To Change”
  1. CJ says:

    Food for thought:

    The youth, in question, is speaking of youngsters in general or myself?

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