Thinkable Train Transportation Thought Transactions

Life’s sightings in a cycle.
(most thoughts fictitious)

“I know about all of the attention, the stares, but you know what? I don’t care one bit. They can look at me all they want, for haven’t they seen someone as beautiful as before? These folks. I have reached my destination, this is my stop.”


“This is my stop. From school to home this has always been, but somehow, without my friends around, this has been a little bit of an unbearably lonely journey home. Somehow, I wish that there could be someone, people here to cheer me up with. I better get off here now. Who is this… never mind, I am not one to bother anyway.”


I looked at the schoolgirl, and noticed her “I ♥ U” temporary marker tattoo on her arm. It felt strange; the tattoo was giving off a happy fun vibe while the expression on the girl showed otherwise. Maybe she is lonely and bored on this journey home. I looked around further on, for the journey was slightly longer and I heart beautiful strangers. So there you sat, amongst probably the two of the many. And somehow quicker, I reached my destination. Thanks for the good looks.


“Today has been a long day. School and now this. But I do like this kind of lifestyle… (loses and regains) Where am I? Must reach the place beforehand, and should be able to judging by the time now. Still some distance away… (loses and regains) Hmmm. What was that noise just now about? Must be those group of random kids, the bugger, the noises… (loses)”


“Oh my (fucking) (god). Did anyone actually see that? Can’t everyone just look up and stare? I am going to call my friend to say about what I just saw which is totally disturbing, and they will understand my pain. What is that man wearing? Why is he in a dress, heavy makeup and pretty earrings? What is the world becoming of? Why am I here to witness such a sight? Must. Call. Friend. To. Update.”

6 degrees of somewhat separation, really.

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