An Open Letter To: Luke Adams

Dear Luke Adams, one-half of the duo Luke/Margie of The Amazing Race 14,

Good thing first: You actually look neaty fine in the picture, but then again all I could base on are the panicky scenes of you and your mother on television while racing.

The actual reason for the letter? You whine too much. Sure, you are slightly disabled than the rest, but even though I didn’t catch much of the season, I don’t think Adrian of the Asian Edition whine as much as you did while racing back then. Sure, he is fitter and “gym buddies”, but still. You are fighting with another team’s racer over, stripped of all the bitch words and hype, retrieving of the clue, and that is all. There are just enough to collect from the cluebox, and you don’t get a random lucky draw gift if you pick the right one, so there. The other team may have part to blame (though, as per sceneview, lesser), but you were the one who initiated the war of words on the pitstop mat in front of Phil and other teams; I was pretty sure the other team was willing to let it subside in front of the host, but you just couldn’t contain your rage over them calling you a “bitch”. And your mother is nice, and fierce. Her sudden outburst of the general reaction of public’s eyeview of the less fortunate was an eyeopener, if not, scary realization; but still, it was freaky, and I have to agree with Phil on his middleman point of view – that the laughter was not at the disabled, but more of a nervous outbreak.

That said, thank you for the entertainment spices. I love the catfights and outbursts and please fight again next week.

Yo! Bitches,

One Response to “An Open Letter To: Luke Adams”
  1. mrred says:

    Love this blog I’ll be back when I have more time.

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