Music Reviews: #30

Cover, Song, Artiste & Album Review & Rating

We Made You

A four-years hiatus break, Eminem has been deeply missed. Through the period, expectations soared and new artistes appeared, not forgetting the revolution of fast paced technology. Some may even forget the existence of the rapper.

As a comeback single, it catches the attention, with its blunt lyrics, video and references to public media figures. But it remains the same standards, as though he was covering up the disappearance, like nothing had happened between the years.

Sure, the criticism is current, but that just highlights the fact that he is reading news and possibly celebrity gossip magazines. Em, you can do better than this. Wow people.

3-stars rating

Flo Rida featuring Wynter Gordon
Note to all artistes out there: When choosing a song to cover/sample, choose a right track. Flo Rida, now on a sampling spree for current album, decided to go with, (gasp, has it been ten years) 1999 renowned dance single, “Blue (Da Ba Dee)” by Eiffel 65.

Sure, mainstream success is guaranteed; a club banger is born; more singles/album sales; pimp image increases; more female willing to grind, but artistically speaking, is one getting anywhere?

2-stars rating


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