I watched her as she walked on by, unaware that I was observing her from a certain corner’s angle.

Asleep one lazy day, I had heard footsteps approaching as I opened a weary eye towards the direction. There stood a stranger and her, like those many in my life. It was the first time I saw her, and she had on a bright cheerful red dress. I pretended not to be the least keen, and hoped that they would walk on by like everyone else; but still I listened for the slightest sound of distraction, just in case.

They did not leave as expected; in fact, they were inching closer towards me, and I raised my head to look. It might have been an angry face I displayed, but to them they wouldn’t have been able to tell any difference to it anyway. Her tiny hand reached forward, and she did what she had wanted to, or what the other had wanted her to want to. I just stood there, not the least bothered or fascinated by what had just happened.

Slowly, she had evolved; taller, bouncier, prettier, friendlier and then more stranger, as she took the lane at different timings of the day. Someday I would catch her in view; someday we would just be two different souls in the world, nearby but far apart to see one another at the same time. She had came more often in the past, sometimes alone, and not these days – clearly she had forgotten about my wholely existence.

I looked on at her walking backview, slowly distanting from where I was, and I looked up at the sky.


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