We have been going to the past, reminscing it. A few times, sometimes the same scenarios. Could it be that topics are dry? That they were the only connecting factor between us? That we are still lingering onto the familiar feeling of something, anything that could grab us? That somehow, one way or another, we wished for a time machine to bring us back to the times and freeze ourselves in time to preserve the moments? That we were afraid of looking forward at what was ahead of us, the unexpected future that just might come knocking in anytime soon? Is life that way to be? Are we getting too old for our own good? Have we outgrew ourselves in ways and behaviours that we were strangers of, unknown that they had occurred? Were we just secretly consoling one another, while we sat there and chat the early night away? Are we all putting on a brave front? Are we going to be there, like that, for the life journey ahead? Was time slipping by like that without us noticing while we sat there?

And most of all, why am I asking so much questions in my head?

A great song floats into mind and takes slight control.


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