Music Reviews: #31

Puts my shoes in the position of: personality #199, a horny 40-something father of three, who sometimes secretly visits the infamous brothels and motels for cheap thrills on weekend nights and weekday afternoons (not at work), and thinks of moments with young girls, his daughters, maybe, even?

Cover, Song, Artiste & Album Review & Rating

Don’t Forget
Demi Lovato
Don’t Forget

A mainstream ballad winner, with its radio-friendly pop/rock bangs and guitar rips, is Demi Lovato the first able from the Disney pack to break free? Time, my dear.

3-stars rating

Personality #199 [horny father]:
Aiyo, sayang, why are you crying in the video? Come give me daddy a group hug, where I will embrace you in the sweetest tangle of romance. Don’t cry anymore, there are better men out there, some like me! Let me dry your eyes with the tissue from the box in my bedroom, come…

Girls Aloud
Out Of Control

I have got to admit, I am a closet fan of theirs. They took my pop breath away with single “Call The Shots”, and they never really did returned to me in any way. First listen wasn’t favourable; it was the thereafter spins that truly got me singing to my ears only.

3-stars rating

Personality #199 [horny father]:
Why want one when you can have all 5? To the one dating the footballer, if your marriage ever fails, I can marry you… with the other 4. One per weekday! Now to find two more to fill the weekends.


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